About Tuesday

Tuesday Laporte,
CNP Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Yes, you’ve read that correct…My name is Tuesday – and I was born on a Wednesday. It’s a strange world, is it not?

Upon moving to Toronto in 2008, I began working at a chiropractic office. It was there that I began to appreciate the necessity of healthy lifestyle choices and see preventative health care as a natural approach to achieve optimal health.

Unfortunately, there was also fear that led me to the art of caring for others and helping people realize their full potential. Far too often I see people who are suffering from chronic conditions or aggravating symptoms such as indigestion, skin irritations or sinus problems, to name a few. Sometimes it’s because they have been misinformed and are unaware that by simply adding or removing something from their diet that could improve these conditions. These symptoms are warning signs that should be taken seriously and not just masked by long-term medications.

My mission is to shift your mindset. Rather than waiting to put out the fire, I want you to take the necessary steps to remove all fire hazards and live a preventative lifestyle. What does healthy mean to you? Is it just getting out of bed and making it through the day? Or is it for longevity and wanting to live an active lifestyle, free of pain and medications.

As the founder of Tuesday Live Well, I integrate my skills from the kitchen and expertise as a Holistic Nutritionist, to create a unique support experience for all age groups. I will hold your hand during the process as we explore and integrate changes in your diet and lifestyle. My desire is to make it a smooth transition by giving you the proper tools that you require to make an informed decision to live a healthier lifestyle. I offer every client the full scope of my compassion, dedication and expertise.

Tuesday Live Well is based in Toronto and Mississauga but helps people remotely worldwide via skype consultations.