After meeting with you, it’s my goal to educate you on proper nutrition in the kitchen that is practical and can be used for everyday cooking. I want to give you the information and tools you require by teaching you the healing properties of the foods that you eat and the delicious ways to prepare them. You will feel inspired and confident in your knowledge and become a leading example to all your friends and family.

1-on-1 Consulting

During this session, you will bring a Food Diary that records the food you have eaten over the past 5-7 days. I will use this, along with my intake form to make recommendations that will suit your health goals and lifestyle.

You will learn which foods to avoid, which ones that will help you feel your best, and most importantly how to incorporate them into your life.

Follow Up Appointments

After the initial consultation, it is recommended to schedule a follow up so we can re-evaluate and check in with your progress. You may require expert guidance, accountability and inspiration on an on-going basis to help you reach your goals. It’s often more sustainable to make diet and lifestyle changes over time, so that they are practical and become part of your routine and habits as opposed to large ambitious diet behaviors.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities (IgG reactions) differ from allergies (IgE reactions) in that they are delayed reactions to a specific food, whereas an allergic reaction is almost immediate. The delayed reactions, which can be hours or days later, can be migraine headaches, indigestion, eczema, among many other symptoms. It makes discovering them very difficult without strict elimination diet or a food sensitivity blood test.

The test kit can be done in my office in Mississauga or sent to your home, to administer yourself. The test kit is then sent to a lab in Canada and they will test your blood for sensitivities against 96 popular food items. The results are mailed to me and we can set up an appointment to go over them together. I will offer recommendations on how to avoid certain foods and give better alternatives when possible.

One Week Meal Plan, Grocery List & Recipes

I know what city life is like. It is busy and exciting and there is always lots going on. You are on the go from morning to night and it is challenging to manage a proper meal between family, friends and work duties so forget about being creative and coming up with something healthy to cook.

Cookbooks can be overwhelming with too many options to choose from. This meal plan is straightforward and will provide you with just one grocery list. The recipes are simple and can be created in any size kitchen with any level of expertise. The meals are packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats.

Pack that Pantry!

Over the years, I have found that a ‘whole food’ stocked pantry will never leave you feeling like you have nothing to eat or cook in the house. Learn how to eliminate the processed foods by reading labels that are hiding the unwanted ingredients. Discover healthier options with similar flavour profiles of your favourite sauce, cracker, chip or cookie. Along with what to stock, I will provide you with ideas for how to use these pantry and superfood items in your daily routine.

Workshops, Cooking Classes, Lunch & Learn Sessions

I’ve been asked to do events at local shops, corporate offices, doctor’s offices, birthday and bachelorette parties and community and wellness centers. The topics include but are not limited to: Fad Diets, Strengthening Your Immune System, Balancing Your Blood Sugar, Natural Cleaning Products, Natural Beauty Products, Healthy School Lunches, Avoiding Energy Crashes, and Fundamentals of Healthy Cooking.

The 6 Week Nutrition Makeover

This is NOT a diet program. I will hold your hand as we make practical changes to your diet and lifestyle that are sustainable. You will learn the fundamentals of nutrition, how to live a practical and healthy lifestyle, how to create simple and nutritious meals and how to read nutrition labels properly. Included is a meal plan, week by week emails with easy to follow steps, expert advice, guidance and accountability, along with a pantry makeover and a grocery store tour.

Online Dispensary

My online dispensary allows me to create custom client profiles and make specific recommendations based on the symptoms found during your one-on-one consultation. I carry professional grade supplements that have therapeutic doses, better absorb-ability, no fillers, artificial colours or flavours. A consultation is highly recommended so I can give you my best recommendations. However, you are still able to browse my entire online dispensary and place your order.